The 2nd International Conference on Inventions and Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture
(ICIISA 2019)

Program Schedule

Day 1: Thursday 15 August 2019

08.3009.30 Registration
09.3010.00 Opening Ceremony

Asst. Prof. Chaicharn Thavaravej 

(President of Silpakorn University)

Dr. Pawapol Kongchum 

(Dean, Faculty of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Technology, Silpakorn University)

Chairs: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Thanit Pewnim 

Cochairs: Dr. Pawat Seritrakul

10.0010.45 Keynote Session: Professor Sheenan Harpaz

(Senior Researcher, Institute of Animal Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Volcani Center, Israel)

The Role of Research and Innovation in Israeli Smart Agriculture Development

10.4511.00 Coffee Break
11.0012.00 Chairs: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Thanit Pewnim 

Cochairs: Dr. Pawat Seritrakul 

Invited Speakers:

1. Dr. Kurniatun Hairiah 

(Professor of Soil Biology and Root Ecology,Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture,Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia)

Land Management and Healthy Soil Supporting Climate Change Mitigation

2. Dr. Lior David 

(R.H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Developing Disease Resistant Fish Strains Lessons Learned from Common Carp and Koi Herpes Virus Disease” 

12.0013.00 Lunch Break

13.0016.00 Oral Presentations

Session 1

(Room 1)

Agribusiness and agricultural economicsSmart farming and precision agriculture

Chairs: Dr. ChiMing Hsieh

(Associate professor International Bachelor Program of Agribusiness National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan R.O.C.)

Cochairs: Mr. Soranot Chotnipat

13.0013.30 Dr. ChiMing Hsieh Consumption Analysis of Value Added Rice Products: A CrossRegional Comparison between Thai and Taiwanese College Students
13.3013.50 Vi’in Ayu Pertiwi, SP.,MP (Indonesia): Price Performance of Rice on Achieving Sustainability of Agricultural Economy in East Java, Indonesia
13.5014.10 Nur Baladina, SP., MP(Indonesia): Market Challenges of National Hybrid Sweet Corn Seed in Global Market
14.1014.30 Fitrotul Laili (Indonesia): Social Capital and Price Spikes as Impact of Uncertainty Shocks in Indonesian Chili Market: The Producer Perspective
14.3014.50 M. Fahim Tharaba (Indonesia): Disruptive Technology and Innovation in Modern Agriculture: Educational Perspective and Quality Management Approach
14.5015.00 Coffee Break
15.0015.20 Anis Rosyidah (Indonesia): Yield and Quality of Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) at the MediumLand Due to Time Differences in Application of Paclobutrazol
15.2015.40 Anis Sholihah (Indonesia): Mineralization Pattern, Nitrogen Uptake and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Compost Application of Kiapu and Straw Rice Mixtures on Upland Rice
15.4016.00 Nurhidayati (Indonesia): Effectiveness of Vermicompost with Additives of Various Botanical Pesticides in Controlling The attack of Diamondback Moths (Plutella xylostella) and Their Effects on The Yield of Cabbage (Brassica oleraceae var. Capitata L.)
18.0020.30 Welcome Dinner 

13.0016.00 Oral Presentations

Session 2

(Room 2)

Aquaculture and fisheries/Food crop and industrial crop production/

Food safety and food security

ChairsDr. YuHung Lin 

(Professor, Department of Aquaculture | National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

Cochairs: Dr. Pawat Seritrakul

13.0013.20 Nipapun pansuk (Thailand): Effect of Season on Water Quality of Extensive and Intensive Seabass Culture Pond and Associated Canals
13.2013.40 Sana Abusin (Qatar): Towards Sustainable Food Production Systems in Qatar: Assessment of the viability of aquaponics
13.4014.00 Hsu Lei Myint (Thailand): Investigation on the Relationship between Seasonal Climate Variables and Water Quality near Aquaculture Farm
14.0014.20 Amjad Ali (Pakistan): Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L) Vegetative and Reproductive Efficiency
14.2014.40 Coffee Break
14.4015.00 A Fahmil QRM Syihab (Indonesia): The Development of Creative AgroIndustry Based on Natural Resources of West Javas Coastal Communities
15.0015.20 Made Antara (Indonesia): Strategy to Maintain of the Regional Food Security in Bali Province, Indonesia
15.2015.40 Alia Fibrianingtyas, SP., MP (Indonesia): Role of Community Forest Area in Utilization of Forest Commodities to Support Household Food Security in UB Forest
18.0020.30 Welcome Dinner 

Program Schedule

Day 2 : Friday 16 August 2019

08.30 – 09.00 Registration

09.0012.00 Oral Presentations

Session 3

(Room 1)

Social and environmental dimensions of Agricultural sustainability/

Land and water management in agriculture

Chairs: Professor Zhao Yaqiao

(Dean, College of Economics and Management, Yunnan Agricultural University)

Cochairs: Mr. Soranot Chotnipat 

09.0009.30 Professor Zhao Yaqiao The Power Relations and Negotiation in Agricultural Land Use Right Transfer in Yunnan Province
09.3009.50 Dwi Susilowati (Indonesia): Analysis of Consumer Decisions to Buy Organic Rice In Malang District, East Java, Indonesia
09.5010.10 Medea Ramadhani Utomo (Indonesia): Rural Community Transformation in Agriculture Management (from Conventional to Conservation Agriculture) in East Java, Indonesia
10.1010.20 Mofit Jamroni (Indonesia): Community livelihood Strategy Based on Social Strata in the Area that affected by Gunung Kelud, in Pandansari Village, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
10.2010.30 Coffee Break
10.3010.50 Bambang Siswadi (Indonesia): Technical Efficiency and SocioEconomic Factors That Affect Soybean Farming
10.5011.10 Panadda Puttanakul (Thailand): The effect of plant residues and biochars on organic matter and nitrogen in soil
11.1011.30 Aulia Nur Mustaqiman (Indonesia): Quality Evaluation of Springs for Agriculture Needs in Tawangsari Village, East Java
11.3011.50 Chanika Chanthasa (Japan): Removal of dissolved humic substances by using polyƴglutamic acid as coagulant aid
12.0013.00 Lunch Break
13.0015.00 Poster Session
15.0015.20 Coffee Break

15.30 – 17.00 Awarding and Closing Ceremony

09.0012.00 Oral Presentations

Session 4

(Room 2)

Animal Sciences and Livestock Production/Agricultural extension/

Natural resources and biodiversity

Chairs: Dr. Yoshiaki Hayashi

(Associate professor Faculty of Agriculture, Meijo University, Japan)

Cochairs: Dr. Pawat Seritrakul

09.0009.30 Dr. Yoshiaki Hayashi Effects of spent mushroom substrate feeding on egg production and feed digestibility of layers
09.3009.50 Yanee Wattanasri (Thailand): Annual variation on superovulation response using FSH (Antorin R10) for high production in dairy cattle
09.5010.10 Saovanee Choojit(Thailand): Rapid OnField Propagation Techniques for Pineapple var. MD2 in Thailand
10.1010.20 Khuliso Ravhuhali (South Africa):  Herbaceous composition and distribution as influenced by soil type and grazing management in selected Community Property Associations projects of Waterberg district, SA
10.2010.30 Coffee Break
10.3010.50 Kawiporn Chinachanta (Thailand): The Correlation between 2Acetyl1pyrroline Content, Soil Organic Matter and Microbial Population in Thai Fragrant Rice
12.0013.00 Lunch Break
13.0015.00 Poster Session
15.0015.20 Coffee Break
15.3017.00 Awarding and Closing Ceremony